10 Easy Ways To Create Travel Content

Travel Content Creation Hacks for your marketing

Content creation is the beating heart of travel marketing. If you can read it, watch it, like it, tweet it, pin it, share it, or ‘gram it, then it’s an asset you can use to build your brand and entice […]

SEO v Content Marketing: What’s the difference?

How Content Marketing & SEO Work Together

SEO and Content Marketing go hand-in-glove. They are two distinct, yet interrelated marketing techniques; each a complex subject matter in itself. Yet, to succeed at one, it pays to understand the other. What is SEO? SEO is the process of […]

Everyone Hates Ads

Advertising in Times Square

  There is an ad war going on. Not a multi-million dollar game of one-upmanship between two brands. Something more troubling. This war is being waged between advertisers and consumers. And it’s been going on for a long, long time. […]

Political plagiarism exposes the need for original content

As far as political scandals go, this one was pretty tame. There were no interns involved, no high priced call girls, and no questionable behavior in the airport men’s room. In fact, the only exposing that took place in this particular scandal was that of a lazy speech writer who may or may not have been the politician himself.