How To Leverage Pent Up Travel Demand?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people have touted the idea of ‘pent up demand’ in the travel industry. “Folks are sick of being stuck at home and as soon as travel restrictions are lifted they’ll rush out and book travel,” or […]

9 Ideas For Marketing Your Travel Business Offline

How to market your travel business offline

While travelers are perfectly comfortable booking their holidays online (including on their mobile devices), that doesn’t mean the Internet is the only way to reach new customers. Travel planning is a complex and serpentine process, with people gathering inspiration and […]

How To Be More Strategic In Your Marketing

Unsing a map to plan a strategy

How many of the following marketing methods have you tried? Blogging Classifieds Ebooks Email Facebook Facebook Ads Google Ads Influencer Marketing Instagram LinkedIn Loyalty Rewards OTAs SEO Sweepstakes TripAdvisor Tweeting Trade shows YouTube

3 Ways To Keep Marketing When You’re Busy

Do you find time to exercise? Me? I like to do yoga. It’s gentle, yet effective. Builds muscle tone and bone density, improves posture and circulation, and literally clears my head (bye-bye sinus congestion). Most noticeably, when I practice yoga […]

The What, Why, And How Of A Marketing Funnel

How to funnel more customers to your business

The idea of a marketing funnel is hardly new. It’s been around since at least 1924 and has roots dating back to the 19th century. So why—considering how much has changed in the past hundred years—are people still using it? […]