One Simple Tip That Will Instantly Improve Your Website

One Quick Fix For Your Travel Website
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If I were to offer just one tip on how you can improve your website, it would be this: eliminate first person pronouns.

First person pronouns are words such as “I”, “me”, and “we,” that refer to you as the speaker. On your website you might use first person pronouns in this way:

“We provide one-of-a-kind tours…”

The problem is that this can make you sound stiff and self-centered, which isn’t exactly the impression you want to give a prospective customer.

So, how are you supposed to write copy for your website if you’re not allowed to talk about yourself? Simple. Replace all of those naughty first person pronouns with a single word: “you”.

“You provide one-of-a-kind tours...”?

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that simple; you’re going to have to rearrange your sentence structure and rethink your message. But that’s exactly the point. By replacing the above example with:

“Experience the most incredible tour of your life!"

you have just taken self-centered copy and made it customer-centered. Doing this forces you to focus on the customer and how he benefits from your services. And ultimately it is the benefits that convince your consumers to buy.

How can you make your marketing more customer-centric?

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