Customer Profile Worksheet for travel brands

Get To Know Your Customers

Understanding your customers is key to your success

Each customer who books with you is a unique individual with their own reasons for traveling. The best marketing recognizes this individuality and creates targeted messages that appeal on a personal level.

This worksheet asks questions that will get you thinking about your customers: Who are they? Where are they from? Why do they travel?

Completing this worksheet will help speak to your customers about what is most important to them.

What Makes This Worksheet Different?

Maybe you've tried filling out a customer profile before and found it unhelpful. That's because most customer profiles are generic. They can be used for any business in any industry.

This Customer Profile Worksheet is created specifically for you, the travel provider. It's focused on discovering what your customers care about when they make their travel arrangements. It's designed to help you understand what makes people want to book with you.


Whats Included?

This downloadable worksheet includes a PDF you can print or fill out digitally. It has information on how to research your ideal customer. And best of all, it includes four (4) example profiles to get you started.