1-Month Travel Marketing Coaching $559

Weekly coaching to level up your marketing skills.



Level up your marketing skills

Whether you are looking to master a new marketing skill or need the motivation to put the skills you have to better use, a month of personal coaching will provide you with one-on-one guidance to help you build your marketing strategy.

Each week you'll get a 1-hour travel marketing coaching session where you'll learn and apply specific marketing tactics.

During your month or personalized travel marketing coaching you can expect to:

Learn what tools can give you deeper insights into your audience

Identify at least one marketing tactic you can put to use right away

Put together a plan for how to leverage that tactic to attract new clients

Walk step by step through implementing your new marketing plan

What is travel marketing coaching all about?

Your 1-month travel marketing coaching package includes weekly phone calls with pro-marketer Alexa Steele. During each call you will review where your marketing stands, what steps you need to take to advance your marketing goals, and receive a "homework" assignment for the week that will move you toward those goals.

Each marketing coaching package is uniquely adapted to your individual needs. You'll have to opportunity to go in depth on a topic that best suits your goals and resources, which may include:

✅ Setting Up A Social Media Campaign

✅ Updating Your Website For Improved SEO

✅ Developing Lead Magnet For Your Email List

✅ Setting Up A Blog To Showcase Your Services

✅ Clarifying Your Brand Positioning

✅ Putting Together A Contest Or Promotion

Is travel marketing coaching right for me?

If you own or manage a travel and tourism business and you want to expand your marketing skills so you can level up your business, then this marketing coaching is for you. Whether you are bootstrapping it and will be implementing all your marketing yourself, or if you just want to be able to better evaluate the work of your marketing providers, this coaching will help you get the most out of your campaigns.

However, just like in sports, this is a collaborative effort. The more focused and committed you are to doing the homework, the more you'll take away from the program.


About Your Travel Marketing Consultant

Alexa Steele is a copywriter and marketing consultant who has spent more than a decade helping brands to create digital marketing campaigns that attract customers and motivate sales. She’s worked with companies the world over to develop digital sales funnels that incorporate content marketing, SEO, social media, email, and traditional marketing.