Share The Richness Of Your Heritage

More than ever before, Americans are spreading their wings and venturing out into the world. They are seeking new experiences and relaxing escapes. 

Why market to Americans

Each year, more Americans are traveling abroad. Some 93 million did so in 2018 and over 65% of Americans say that leisure travel is at least somewhat of a budget priority for them.

American travelers add well in excess of $100 billion to the global economy with the average international trip costing about $6080. Why not invite these wandering Yankees to your corner of the globe and show them the vibrancy of your neighborhood.

How I help you market to American travelers

While travel is an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange, the last thing you want is cultural misunderstandings getting in the way of your marketing. I can help you modify your existing marketing materials and tailor them for the US market. I can also help you strategize the best ways to reach the exact demographic that matches your offering.

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