The benefits of having someone review your website copy

Does Your Website Really Say What You Think It Does?

When it comes to marketing, making sure you say the right thing in the right way is crucial to your success. Word choice, sentence structure, even punctuation can affect the message your readers receive. Considering how important communication is to your brand, doesn't it pay to be sure you're sending all the right signals?

When you write your own website copy (or any kind of marketing content), having someone review your work can save you from embarrassing mistakes. Misspelled words, mixed up homophones, and double-entendres are just some of the potential faux pas. But perhaps the most challenging issue is that of tone.

Written words can be interpreted different ways by different people. You may intend to sound informative, but come across as patronizing. You may mean to get a laugh, but your reader takes offense. These are the kind of errors you are unlikely to be able to pick up on as your own editor.

Before you hit "publish" be sure to have someone proof read your content. It’s a good idea to choose someone from outside your inner circle, too. Someone who doesn’t know your product or industry jargon. You want a proof reader who’s going to read your text cold--the way your prospects will.

2 thoughts on “The benefits of having someone review your website copy

  1. Alexa, I couldnt agree more. In fact I would go as far as to say review again at an agreed point in the future. We are just about the re-brand our company and one of the things that is important in this is the re-wording and “re-toning” of the copy on the original website.

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