What Makes YOU So Special? Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition

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Why should I buy anything from you?

Let’s say I want to travel to your destination. And I want to do exactly what you have on offer. Why should I visit YOU?

The answer to this question is your unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP is what sets you apart from your competition. It defines your brand and is the cornerstone of your marketing. If you don’t know what your USP is, it’s time to figure it out.

By definition, your USP is what makes your business special or unique. If you’re fortunate, your USP is that you are, in fact, the only one doing what you do - or maybe you're the very best at doing it.

But travel is a crowded marketplace and the odds are that you have competition. So you're going to have to dig a little deeper.

To begin figuring out your USP, ask yourself, “What advantage do I have over my competition?”

  • Do I provide friendlier customer service?
  • Do I have access to better technology?
  • Do my customers benefit from my location?
  • Do my values set me apart?
  • Do I solve a problem that my competitors ignore?
  • Do I understand my customers better because I share their culture/community/values?
  • Do I offer a more immersive experience?
  • Do I serve a niche audience that no one else is serving?
  • Do I provide a unique perspective or expertise in my industry?

Here are two examples you can learn from.

Las Vegas 

Vegas isn't the only town with gambling casinos and entertainment venues. But with the ad campaign "What happens here, stays here" Vegas capitalized on it's reputation as Sin City to entice people who want a vacation where they can let go of all their inhibitions.


Bilboard that reads "avis is only No. 2 in rent a cars So we try harder"

Sometimes, you can even take what seems like a weakness and turn it into your USP. That’s what Avis Car Rental did in 1962. For years Avis had struggled in the shadow of the market leader, Hertz. Avis embraced their second-place status and launched the extremely successful tagline, “When you’re only No. 2, you try harder. Or else.”

Hopefully, your USP isn't just some marketing BS. It should be an integral part of your brand identity. But you can use just about any aspect of that identity that sets you apart.

One of the simplest methods for discovering your USP is to ask your best customers why they do business with you. Their answers may surprise you.

Need Help Figuring Out Your USP?

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    1. TWO THUMBS UP on your fabulous USP, Deb! It’s nciocse, clear, and defines all the wonderful benefits you provide to your target audience. Give yourself a humongous pat on the back!I think you might agree Crafting a USP is much more difficult than some small business owners imagine. I was asked, very recently, to write a brief description of my business and guess what? It took me a couple of hours to polish up my rough draft.Terrific information!Melanie(#blog30 partner in crime).-= Melanie Kissellb4s last blog .. =-.

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