Should You Add Pop-ups To Your Travel Website?

Pop Up Ads On Your Website

You hate pop-ups.

We all hate pop-ups.

That’s why the device you’re looking at right now has a pop-up blocker built into it.

But a funny thing happens when you have your own website. Suddenly those annoying pop-ups start looking like a great marketing tool! It’s like putting on beer goggles for entrepreneurs--what was ugly now appears rather attractive.

Should you do it? Should you add that pop-up to your website? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a pop-up?

There are different kinds of pop-ups. The kind I’m referring to hover over the main content on a website in order to make an offer. For example, it might ask website visitors to sign up for your company newsletter.

Take a look at my video about travel website pop-ups to see a pretty extreme example:

Do pop-ups work?

Unfortunately, the answer is an unsatisfactory “it depends.”

  • It depends on what your goals are
  • It depends on how much traffic your website gets
  • It depends on how well your pop-up is designed
  • It depends on how relevant your offer is

Pop-up advocates will cite statistics about how pop-ups improve conversion rates and add readers to your mailing list.

Pop-up detractors say they ruin the user experience on your website, annoy visitors, and damage your brand’s reputation.

I recommend reading Gill Andrews’ article on the subject where she breaks down the numbers to demonstrate that popups are far more effective for large companies with tons of website traffic than for small websites with minimal traffic.

Should you use pop-ups on your travel website?

If you have a compelling offer that you want to draw people’s attention to, then go ahead and give it a shot. Especially if your site draws a significant amount of traffic each month. But be prepared to measure the results and decide if the data backs up the value of the pop-up to your business. If you can’t demonstrate a genuine return on investment then do your guests a favor and let them read your content in peace.

If you’d like to talk over the pros and cons of having a pop-up on your travel site, get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation.

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