Alexa Steele, Copywriter & Travel Marketing Consultant

Passion. . .

It’s why you went into business for yourself and became your own boss.

For you, nothing is more gratifying than a happy customer. And you can’t believe you get paid to do what you love!

Did you know that the same enthusiasm that drives you could also be the key to winning more customers and growing your business?

Because the best marketing doesn’t sell your product or service… It shares your passion with the world!

Old camera, photos, and map

What Others Say

"Her targeted questions, active listening and writing skills, coupled with her understanding of people make her an absolute pleasure to work with." - Rosario D.

How To Reach Me

The best way to reach me is by email:
alexa @ steele . marketing

Second best would be text:
+1 808-209-5114

You’re also welcome to DM me:

About Me

For over 10 years I’ve been working with brands to create marketing campaigns that attract customers and motivate sales. I’ve worked with companies large and small on everything from individual email blasts to complete sales funnels.

My goal is to help boutique travel brands - the kind that offer immersive, life-changing experiences for guests - get a leg up in the world and carve out a niche for themselves. I help you learn how to use digital marketing the way the big brands do, but tailored to your individual needs and resources.

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